I'd like help with identifying this font please

I'd like help with identifying this font please

Post by Russe » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 18:57:48

It's the font that Bonhams use for their name. You can see it here in
the top left hand corner.


Any help would be most appreciated.




1. Please help me identify a 1950's style font (sample attached)

This was lifted out a period movie.  Its a photoshop composite of a store front
sign of a European AMERICAN EXPRESS office (c.1957).  I've seen this font in
front of old municipal buildings.

Notice (see link to jpg) the font has:
- a low horizontal bar for the A
- a straight looking M like helvetica
- a C like futura
- an S like futura or avant garde (? not sure which)
- Most of all - a "Deco" like P and R (short legs)
- a unique E, as well

Copy and check out this link for jpg of AMEX sign:


If it's identifiable - is it available anywhere as a win98 typeface?


Chris Howe

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