Bauhaus Font ID Exhibit-Pt 3

Bauhaus Font ID Exhibit-Pt 3

Post by Mike Yaneg » Sat, 16 Jun 2001 09:33:27

I have taken some of the comments on the first 2 parts of this Bauhaus-style
ID exhibition and re-formatted the fonts from Part 1 and added about 20 more
typefaces to create a new Part 3.

Now you can use Parts 2 & 3 for making identifications, and to compare and
contrast all of the fonts collected so far.

Part 1 was kept, as an Introduction (and because I like having the showings
in words, rather than just alphabets).

I am still looking for other fonts that would go stylistically with these. I
have seen a few in other font catalogs, which I will add when I get useful
images of them. E-mailed .gif inputs that I can use will be gratefully
accepted and acknowledged. I am trying to include original designs, rather
than "clones" that have been copied and re-named for budget/free

I hope this can become a useful resource for many of these look-alike fonts.
Eventually I will try to shuffle the layouts to put more of the similar
faces near each other to make the differences easier to see.

Thanks for the encouragement.

- Mike Yanega
Bowfin Printworks


1. Windows scales up a 12-pt font when a 24-pt font is there???

I mentioned something about this problem in another post as an aside,
but I thought it might be worth mentioning on its own.

I've been experimenting with bundling .FNT files into .FON files (after
writing a crude Macintosh-to-PC bitmap font converter). For the most
part, I seem to have things working well. However, a strange thing

I can show a 24-point font in a .FON by itself, but if I package it with
a 12-point font, Windows actually favors scaling the 12-point font up to
24 in an ugly, chunky way rather than using the actual 24-point font!!!
The same thing is true if I put a 9-point and an 18-pt font in the same
file -- Windows favors scaling the 9-point font over directly using the
18-point font! I can, however, package a 9-point font with a 24-point
font (with 24 not being a multiple of 9 apparently the key here) and get
both fonts to display properly.

This kind of scaling problem doesn't happen with Microsoft's own bitmap
fonts, so it's got to be possible to make this work. As an experiment, I
extracted all of the fonts from the MS Sans Serif .FON file (six of
them: 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, 18- and 24-point) as .FNT files, modified the
names slightly and then repackaged them into a new font (call MS Xans
Serif just to make it a little different) using the .FNT -> .FON
converter I wrote. I was still able to get a true 24-point font, rather
than a scaled 12-point. So it seems that my .FNT -> FON converter works
okay, but that there might be something subtly wrong with the .FNT files
themselves that makes this scaling problem happen. Very confusing!


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