Wanted: Summary of Public Domain Type 1 fonts

Wanted: Summary of Public Domain Type 1 fonts

Post by Warren Toom » Thu, 11 Jun 1992 13:47:13

This is probably a FAQ, so if you want to flame me, at least throw the FAQ
at me too :-)

I've been looking through the ftp archives for Type 1 font files. My question
is: Does anyone have a list of specifically public domain Type 1 fonts.
Likewise for specifically copyrighted Type 1 fonts. I want to make sure
what I download is legal.

Secondly, pointers to a Bold and Italic version of Garamond-Normal would
be a godsend.

Finally, what about converters to/from TrueType <--> Type 1. Do they
exist? Is this possible at all? Any public domain ones and where?!

Thanks all for your patience.   Email responses, I'll summarise.

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