ID font please. - font_mystere.jpg (0/1)

ID font please. - font_mystere.jpg (0/1)

Post by S.P » Wed, 02 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Maybe someone could ID this mysterious font... I need it for an
important project. Thanks.



1. ID font please. - font_mystere.jpg (1/1)

Look the jpeg is just too small that could be one of hundreds of fonts. Come
on throw us a bone here. I mean Friz Quadrata? Like another American icon.
Ya' know? Okay I turned into Quentin Terantino for a minute but I'm ok. Your
jpeg its so small I can't understand it, you see...I am just a cave
man....oops! Unfrozen Caveman Fontfreak! (too much SNL)   c)8>P

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