Second source for Zapf's Marconi?

Second source for Zapf's Marconi?

Post by Ian Kemmi » Tue, 03 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I recently bought a Type 1 version of Marconi from EF Design Studios, after a
reasonably involved search suggested that this was the only version available.  

While the font looks beautiful at high res, it's rather flakey at low res
because the digitisation errors are too large for the default values of
BlueFuzz etc., and the people who produced the font don't seem to have realised
how you can use these variables to compensate:-)

Before I start hacking, does anyone know of any other versions of Marconi,
either Type 1 or TrueType?

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1. TrueType -> Type 1 -> dvips ==> 'Second number'?

I apologize for the crossposting, but I'm not sure which of these
newsgroups really fits my problem.  Feel free to redirect as you deem

The problem:  I have this Windows TrueType font that I've converted to
Type 1 using Brion Vibber's ttfutils,[1] with the intent of using it with
LaTeX and dvips.  The conversion went without an apparent hitch, and the
font appears to work in GhostScript (and so also in xdvi by way of
gsftopk), but when I run the .dvi file through dvips, I get the error
"Second number not found in Char string of '/FontName'".

Now, from my (admittedly limited) knowledge of PostScript, I have the
impression that if I only knew what this error meant and what bit of the
file it referred to, I could pull the .pfa up in vi, change two characters,
and the font would work fine.  Lacking that knowledge, I come here seeking
someone who does know.

For reference, I've made the relevant files temporarily available at
[2]-[5].  TIA.


[1] <URL:>
[2] <URL:>
[3] <URL:>
[4] <URL:>
[5] <URL:>

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