Full Unicode TTF Searched

Full Unicode TTF Searched

Post by Le Henaff Jean-Pier » Sat, 25 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Hello from a newcomer

I have been asked on my project to find some Unicode True Type fonts
to be used on Windows NT.
These fonts should implement Unicode for a VERY large character set
(should be able to handle latin,arabian,cyrillic,old languages,
we already have Lucinda. but the character set is not wide enough for

the project we are working on. (Some kind of BIG Library application)

I cannot afford either to pay nor to design one without approval from
our client.
So if anybody have large samples to be sent, or knows where some
are available I would greatly appreciate.

Le Henaff Jean-Pierre                        Paris



1. Full unicode with the Alt-key...

Okay... I've been around the block on dos/windows, but here is
something I stumbled upon today (on winXP.. haven't tested on NT or 98

Back in the days of dos, you could always alt-### to access from 0-255
of the "OEM 8-bit ascii".  Windows 95 added alt-0### where the upper
128 were the windows character map.

Charmap lets you insert unicode characters into most apps -- but I
used to think that you can't use alt shortcuts to insert them...

However, it turns out that you can access the complete unicode by
using the keystrokes:
[Alt] [NumPadPlus] [hex code]
(don't type the brackets!)

where [hex code] is the unicode hex number as reported by charmap (you
can omit leading 0's). Digits need to be typed using the numpad, but
a-f can also be used.  Like the old method, you hold down alt the
whole time.

For instance, the summation sign, , can be entered by typed
using Alt,+,2211.
This also works (though apparantly not in IE) with letters in the hex
code -- such as Alt,+,221A for square root symbol.

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