Font display problems under NT4.0

Font display problems under NT4.0

Post by Chaos agen » Thu, 29 Jul 1999 04:00:00

One of my favourite typefaces Adobe Flood PS Type1  works flawlessly
under Win98 but has
display problems under NT 4.0.
Characters appear quite big and distorted in the sample window of ATM
4.0 Deluxe for NT. And when used with Word, there is a leading excess of
lines, though under Illustrator 8.0 it displays and prints correctly.
(maybe because of its CoolType technology)
Any clue for this? Is it just corrupted the .pfm file?
Where lies the different behaviour of this font under Win98 (o.k.) and

Have not seen this problem in other typefaces from my  font collectionn
Your help will be appreciated


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I install a new product on my Windows NT 4.0 WorkStation
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but I cannot install these fonts from the CD-rom, because the
system do no recognize two of these fonts.

They are recognized by win 3.1 and Win 95.

Have you an information or a solution about this problem ?


Sincerely, Marc.

Marc Rambert  - Decan Integration

surf on  :

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