Problem with Short Cut Keys After Installing Client from 4.5

Problem with Short Cut Keys After Installing Client from 4.5

Post by Frank Lower » Thu, 26 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I just installed the exchange client from the 4.5 exchange client CD and am
starting to experience some keyboard problems with several of my users.  It
seems that infrequently when they are in any application and hit the R key
the run command dialog box pops up or if they hit the E key Explorer is
launched.  Rebooting clears the problem for several days and then it
reappears.  If anyone has any explanations or advice, please respond.

Thank You

Frank Lowery


1. quick view plus intergation with exchange for short cut to folder

Hi all,
  I try to attach a short cut to my own public folder to exchange mail
so that people can click on the attached short to access my public
  First I ask my co-worker to create the short cut and email to me. I
then copy and write protect it so that it will not convert to the local
path by window.
  The problem is when click on the short cut in exchange, it opened by
the quick view plus, instead of the windows explorer. I have to remove
the integration of quick view plus with exchange to get it working. Is
there a way to configure quick view plus to work with short cut to
folder for exchange?


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