Multiple Newsfeeds

Multiple Newsfeeds

Post by David Manes » Sat, 24 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Does anyone know if there's some trick to setting up multiple newsfeeds
in Exchange 5.0.  I'm using Small Business Server. I've successfully set
up a news feed from which populates my selected
public folders every 15 minutes.  I've also set up two other newsfeeds.
I can download the list of active groups from each of these feeds, add
selected groups to my public folders, and select newsgroups to download,
just like I did for the msnews feed--but nothing is getting pulled in.
Any suggestions would be  welcome.

Dave Maness


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How do I tell Exchange Server to download all available USENET newsfeeds
from my USENET News provider that I pull newsgroup messages from?  Right now
I have successfully downloaded the listing of all available newsgroups and
subscribed to 5 different ones.  No messages are ever downloaded from
provider's news server into Exchange Server.

What must I do to retrieve and send newsgroup messages out to the Internet?

Thank you.


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