cannot connect to exch 5.0 it is driving me crazy.

cannot connect to exch 5.0 it is driving me crazy.

Post by MH » Mon, 15 Dec 1997 04:00:00

we recently installed MS exchange server 5.0. all went OK. However, when
installing client(s). the client hang during the startup process. here
are list of what I have done so far:
1. First I installed exchange client I had the problem. I then
installed  outlook 98 where I also had the same problem. I cannot go
beyond the first welcome/logo screen.
2. I removed exchange server from the profile and left only the internet
mail and the client (outlook 98) no longer hang. Both application works
fine without connection to the exchange server. In fact, I was able to
send and recieve email to my local personal folder.
3. I could see an entry with the proper time for a login on the exchange
server for that user.
4. the user has a directory on the private information store on the
5. I removed and recreated the profile many times and the problem still
6. when I enter the user name durint profile creation and click check
name to validate the name of that user name I get no error.
I installed serice pack 1 for exchange server and still no resolution.
I could not find any documentation and help file anywhere to
troubleshoot this problem. can someone help please


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I have read an entire book on exchange administration, spent couple of
days on this product, searched all over Microsoft support site and still
no clue on what the problem is. can someone help out there.
I setup up my profile to login to exchnge server. I tell it to prompt me
to connect. I reboot my machine (to be on the safeside). I start outlook
98 ( I have the same problem with exchange client). I get to select the
profile. It prompts me to connect to the server. I click OK and Outlook
hangs. ( excatly no clue no message no response).
I reboot my machine (client). I change the profile to use another
mailbox and click check to verify. I start Outlook and it prompts me to
connect to the exchange server. This time it does not hang and I get to
use Outlook. However, when I click on public folder I get the following
message: "unable to display folder. you do not have permission to log
does anyone have a clue what this means. I am already logged on the NT
domain ( I can access the server direcotries from my windows explorer).
on the exchange server side I gave that mail box permission the entire
domain container.

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