cc:Mail migration

cc:Mail migration

Post by Kondi » Fri, 12 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Recently, I am deploying an Exchange project with one of our customer.  I
got some problem during the deployment and I couldn't find any information
at all.

Background info.: my client is using cc:Mail at this moment and they got
connection with the Internet, CompuServe and MCI Mail.  There is 1 local PO
and many external or remote POs.  Our job is to migrate everything to
Exchange (of course, there will be a co-exist period).  Below are some
problems I have encountered:

1. I want to do a DirSync of the cc:Mail with Exchange.  The requirement is
that, the entries in cc:Mail have to sync to different recipient containers
according to their POs.  I used the filtering in cc:Mail connector's import
container page to filter out only the local PO to one of the recipient
container.  But the alias entries were synchronized as well as the local PO
entries.  I found that Exchange will search the cc:Mail Address field in
cc:Mail to see whether the entry is local or not.  But Exchange will ignore
the Loc (the location) field.

2. How to set the automatically synchronization for different types of
cc:Mail addresses (different local, remote or external POs) to sync into
different recipient containers?

3. Even the DirSync for local PO is done, the display name & alias
generation is different from my preset format in Exchange.  I don't want to
correct them manually since there are over 1000 entries.  Is there any
template for different types of custom recipients?

4. Can one cc:Mail connector connect to several POs?  If so, how?

5. I tested the cc:Mail migration in a simulated environment but I found
that when I entered the PO path as indicated in the cc:Mail migration
wizard, the error message window (can't find any POs or no such PO exist)
pops up.  I don't know how to solve it.  Even in Technet, I can't find any
information about it.

Looking forward to your reply.  Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


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