IMS install ERROR

IMS install ERROR

Post by Nelson » Sat, 13 Dec 1997 04:00:00

RE: Exchange Server 5.0, (service pack 1)
    running on NT 4.0, (service pack 3)

I attempt to install the Interet Mail Service...
I press Finish
the system shows that it's installing the service...
the system shows "starting the service"...
the it gives these error messages:
        "the attribute does not exist"
        "Microsoft Exchange Directory"
I am then forced to cancel the entire operation and Interet Mail Service
is uninstalled.
Can anyone HELP!!!!!



1. error installing ims (exchange 5.5)

trying to install ims and I get this error

processing File c:\exchsrvs\bin\smtp.ins at or near line 18

no mapping between account names and security ID's was done


this is a on exchange 5.5 server on windows 2000 AD

can anyone help me ... all internal mail works, just cant send out.


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