Active Directory / Exchange migration

Active Directory / Exchange migration

Post by Uval Lubarsk » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 03:04:32


We currently have three Win2k AD integrated servers, one
of which has Exchange 2K.  The security and group policies
is completely corrupted beyond repair.  We are adding a
new server for the Exchange and would like to set up from
scratch, including active directory.  
The plan was as following:
1. Set up new win2k/exchange2k on new AD with same name.
2. Migrate user accounts from old domain to new.
3. Exmerge mailboxes and copy to new server.
4. Uninstall exchange and dcpromo old servers.
5. DCpromo old servrs onto new domain.

Does this make sense? and how do I move the user accounts
without the policies?

Any ideas are much appreciated
Uval Lubarsky


1. WINNT 4.0 & Exchange 5.5 / Active Directory migration

I have a winnt 4.0 & exchange 5.5 network which i wish to migrate to
windows 2000 active directory and exchange 2000.  My Winnt 4.0 users
reside in 2 account domains and my exchange 5.5 resides in 2 sites on
one organization ie all users are in 1 global address list.

I have used ADMT to migrate users/logins from one of my Winnt domain
to active directory and I wish to migrate users from the remaining
domain at a later date.

I am at the stage where I need to create active directory connection
agreements between exchange 5.5 & AD.  This agreement should map AD
user object with the exchange 5.5 mailbox.

I will have a percentage of users that will use Windows2000/Exchange
2000 with Outlook 2000.

I need to ensure that these Windows/Exchange 2000 users are able to
see my UNmigrated winnt 4.0/exchange 5.5 users in the active
directory.  So a ADC agreement will replicate to active directory the
UNmigrated users from exchange 5.5 as mail-enabled users
(disabled-login account).

At a later stage, when I need to migrate the remaining UNmigrated
winnt 4.0 logins, can I use ADMT to perform this?

will ADMT be able to see that a  mail-enabled user already exists in
the active directory for the UNmigrated user then update this to a
full 2000 user-object status whilst maintaining the mailbox

thank you for any assistance

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