Exchange Migration from 5.5 to 2k Using a different Domain name

Exchange Migration from 5.5 to 2k Using a different Domain name

Post by R » Sat, 01 Mar 2003 21:27:37

We have the following setup:

Primary Domain Controller:                      Windows NT 4.0 sp5
Backup Domain Controller:                       Windows NT 4.0 sp5
MS Exchange 5.5 SP4:                            Windows NT4.0 (Stand Alone Server)
Users on Exchange:                              approx. 20
Distribution Lists:                             approx. 20
Public Folders data:                            approx. 8 GB (Uncompressed)
Organization name:                              ab
Site name in Exchange:                
Current Domain Name (PDC):                      domain
Domain Name after migrating domains to 2k:   (this happens
the NT4 domain controller is migrated to a 2k domain controller)

Problem Statement:
We need to transfer the data and users with public folder permissions
intact from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2k after changing the domain
(from domain to - the earlier domain which was named

What we have tried:

So in this case we setup a new domain on a separate
Win2k machine. We created user names and distribution lists without a
problem in the new domain and exchange2k setup. The problem we are
facing is that we cannot transfer the data on the public folders with
the old folder permissions. This is because this is a new Exchange
setup and by default the data is open to all users (even if it was
not, reconfiguring the permissions on each forder separately would be
a big pain).

We use the Internet mail service of Exchange 5.5 to send out mails
using the site name. i.e. the mails go out as

Domain, it becomes and upgrade the exchange the mails go

The big problem is that if migrate using the normal process the domain
name remains the same. Though we can rename the domain name, but what
we are worried about is the dependencies on the domain name and the
users associated with it. Will the users be able to login with all old
privilidges, what we are suspecting is the user permissions on the
domain and the permissions associated with various services, e.g. in
SQL server, Exchange Server, Front Page Server extentions configured
on some websites running on the domain. Also the authentication of
users on domain and the exchange mailboxes associated to these.
Also we suspect it might be a problem with the client machines logging
on to the renamed domain

Is there a way in which we can migrate the old exchange server 5.5 to
the new exchange server 2k with a different domain so that the data,
users and the permissions are retained?