S/MIME setup with Certificate server for encrypted SMTP internet mail

S/MIME setup with Certificate server for encrypted SMTP internet mail

Post by Steve Coughla » Thu, 12 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I have been asked to look into secure internet mail for our company and in
doing so I came across the S/MIME configuration in Outlook 2000 and Outlook
98. This looks like the solution I need. It appears that you can have a
certificate or keys to encrypt mail across the internet.

I have set up certificate server on a domain controller and Key manager on
the e-mail server. I created a Digital ID for a client and can send
encrypted mail within the organisation. The certificates for internal mail
have the following settings :-

Ensure e-mail came from sender
Protect e-mail from tampering
Ensure the content of e-mail cannot be viewed by others

When I attempt to configure the client to send S/MIME I don't appear to be
able to select a certificate.

Is there any info on setting up S/MIME for exchange with your own
certificate system ? Have you set it up ?

Thanks for any comments.



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I would like someone to clear something up for me....
When I setup client's E2K servers, I have them use the Defauly Virtual
SMTP server, configure the recpieint policy to reflect the registered
domain, and then BAM its finished and working 100%.

Now I found this article:

My understanding of the SMTP connector was for connecting to other
SMTP server directly, like another E2K in a different Org.

Is this article for making it more sercure ?!


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