Exchange 5.5 and Outlook2002 Can't send replies

Exchange 5.5 and Outlook2002 Can't send replies

Post by John Berr » Thu, 31 Jan 2002 14:10:54

Hello all!

My problem may or may not be unique. We have upgraded to Outlook2002 (from
2000, and 98) while using the pop3&smtp connectors in exchange 5.5. The
problem is that we get SYSTEM ADMIN errors when replying to to internet
email that has an attachement (all are under 1mb) or that is not in the
address book. The error message shows the name in quotation marks and
removing them and resending doesn't help. IS there a patch for this, or is
there a switch in Exchange that will stop this?

John Berry


1. "Reply with"/Inbox Assistant doesn't send the reply

Here's my scenario, made generic, of course.  What's wrong?

I am connected at work to a Microsoft Exchange Backoffice Server.  I use
Exchange exclusively for my e-mail.

My internal User Name is "jzb29."  This is used for internal mail.  I can
also be reached internally as "jbryant."  Through the Internet, people

I set up an Inbox Assistant rule, using the "Reply with" template.  It is
to send an automatic reply when it receives a message with "cookies" in
the subject field.  I created the template, and put "cookies" in the
subject field in the rule.

Here's what happens:

I send myself a messages with "cookies" as the subject.

request), but I get no autoreply.

* The same thing happens if I send it to "jbryant."

* HOWEVER, if I send it to "jzb29," it sends me the autoreply also!

* Furthermore, if I pull up my despised-but-sometimes useful UNIIX
box and send a command-line message from there to ANY of the
above for possibilities, I again get not autoreply.

Moreover, if ANYONE sends me a message, using ANY of the possible
addresses and from ANY type of mail program, they will NEVER get an
autoreply.  SUMMARY: The only way I can get an autoreply is to send
myself a message using the SMTP address "JZB29."

Any idea why this would be?  Actually, it is much more important than
"cookies."  I am trying to complete a project for my company that
requires this.  Please help.

And PLEASE, copy me personally on your reply because I don't get much
chance anymore to follow the newsgroups.


J.B. Bryant

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