Japanese Language Support for Exchange

Japanese Language Support for Exchange

Post by Neill Lawson-Smit » Mon, 15 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I have a UK installation of exchange server 5.

One of the clients is a Japanese man, and he has a laptop which is completely Win95 Japanese including keyboard and screen.

He wants to use outlook to send messages via exchange server, which also has SMTP support via Virtualmotion Mailbridge.  He can't send native Japanese messages via the internet - does anyone know how to add Japanese support to exchange server?




1. template.csv for Japanese Language support for English Exchange

I need the template.csv and other related files to add Japanese Language
support to my American English Exchange 5.5 Enterprise server.  I have
looked every where.  I am told it ships on the Japanese Outlook 97 that
ships with Japanese Exchange 5.5.  Anyone who can send me these files, it
would be very much appreciated.

Roy Richardson

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