MS Exchange 4 & Multiple Mail Boxes

MS Exchange 4 & Multiple Mail Boxes

Post by Terry Mcnamar » Tue, 04 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I have recently set-up MS Exchange 4 with two mailboxes. However I can't
log on to retrieve my E-Mail unless I have connected to the Net via
Internet Explorer first.

The problem seems to be something with my CHAP password.

Can anyone help - I'm pulling my hair out with frustration?


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I am running 2 mail systems at my site:  corporate mail (wide area) on MS
Exchange, and office mail MS Mail (local).  While Exchange would suffice
for both local and wide area purposes, we are reluctant to send local mail
(%80 of traffic) over a T1 line and back again.  Exchange and Mail are in
place and working correctly.  Problem is, both Exchange and Mail utilize
independent in boxes.  Users would prefer a single in box.  Any advice on
how to accomplish this objective?


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