replace exchange 5.5 server with exchange 2000 server

replace exchange 5.5 server with exchange 2000 server

Post by sc » Sat, 03 May 2003 09:04:21


I currently have Exchange 5.5 on NT 4.0 I plan to setup a new server
(hardware) with Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000 installed.  My plan is to
replace the current Exchange 5.5 server.

I'm hoping to setup the new server and then move the mailbox from exchange
5.5 to exchange 2000?
Any tips or suggestions on what to look for during this process?

Thanks in advance!


replace exchange 5.5 server with exchange 2000 server

Post by MSFT » Sun, 04 May 2003 00:19:05


Here is a KB article with all of the steps you need to follow.  Be sure you
do not skip any steps, and be aware of what you are doing when you configure
the ADC.

316886 HOW TO: Migrate from Exchange Server 5.5 to Exchange 2000 Server

Paul Williamson
MS Enterprise Messaging Support

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This is the scenario that I have, my company has an office
in Venezuela and this office has a Windows NT4.0 server
with Exchange 5.5 running on it. The following week I need
to go to the Venezuelas' office and replace that server
for a new one with Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000.
Right now the people is connected to our Exchange 2000
server in our local Office in USA this connected is
through third party VPN connection with POP3 service, and
basically is running well and working smoothly... my doubt
is to get the BEST way to replace the server right there
and obviously the e-mail messaging could work very well
without any problem.
I would like to know if somebody can help me in this
particular issue.
Somebody told me the other day to make two Administrative
tools, one for Venezuela the other for our local office
USA, but I don't know what else that I need to do in order
to get running the exchange server. The offices has the
same Domain Name but different subnet.
Basically my boss wants to have the POP3 as  secondary
option instead to follow and continue with that connection.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and I hope to be hearing from you soon.


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