ADC connector question

ADC connector question

Post by Brian Kelse » Fri, 22 Feb 2002 02:08:59

We have an issue with our migration from Echange 5.5 to 2000.  We are in the
process of setting up the ADC and have some issues to deal with.  We have
some containers that contain users that are tied to a domain that is still
NT4 with a full trust to the 2000 domain. I know this is not the way to set
up Ecchange 5.5, but it was set up by someone else and now it is my problem.
How do I set up the ADC for those containers?  Do I set up the entire
orginzation to be tied to the users ou in AD, or should I set up seperate
ou's for each container, or will I just loose all of the users that are tied
to the NT4 domains?




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