Unattend Install of First E2K Server in Forest

Unattend Install of First E2K Server in Forest

Post by Keit » Tue, 14 May 2002 01:03:34

Exchange Gurus,

Per this doc you can't do an unattended install of the
first E2K server.


Does anybody know of a way around this?  I assume there
is an unpublished way to do so.  My company OEMs Exchange
and we would prefer to script the install to make things
easier for them.




1. Install a new e2k server to replace the first one in E2k mixed mode environment

    I setup a Ex2k server to join my Ex5.5 ORG. Everything seems working
fine. Due to the hardware performance, I want to change the e2k server to a
higer-end machine.
    I bought a new server and install e2k. Then I add this computer to the
same ORG.
    Now,here comes the questions. Because there are some settings in the
first e2k server like SRS,RUS,ADNAutoDRC, etc,  so I have to change it to
new e2k server. But something wrong when I try to add a new SRS for new e2k.
I also can't change local bridgehead server to new e2k in ADNAutoDRC. Do I
have to delete the old SRS so I can add a new SRS?


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