Microsoft Exchange and Novel 3.12?

Microsoft Exchange and Novel 3.12?

Post by Jeffrey G. Gomber » Sat, 07 Dec 1996 04:00:00

We are doing the same thing as Paul.  Set up an NT 3.51 server (Now NT 4.0)
on our ethernet with Exchange and an MS Mail connector to our MS Mail 3.2
postoffice on our Novell 3.12 server.  Don't forget the Gateway to Netware




> No, Exchange MUST run on a Windows NT Server, and if you have only one,
> this must be set up as a primary domain controller.

> However, you may be able to do what we are at the moment, which is run
> both a Novel server and the Exchange Server. The main problem is that
> users have to have accounts on both systems, but if they use the same
> username and password, it's no too tricky. Windows 95 and NT clients, for
> example, will quite happily log in to both servers at once.

> Paul Taylor
> Computer Systems Manager
> WSP COnsulting Engineers, Tadworth, Surrey UK