Installing Exchange 2000

Installing Exchange 2000

Post by Humbert » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 06:41:21

I'm trying to install Exchange 2000 on my network which
has a windows 2000 domain (it is not a native domain, I
mean, it has some windows NT 4 servers). Following the KB
scid=kb;en-us;262068 , the first thing I did, was to run  
ForestPrep. Following the article, after the "Component
Selection page", the "Installation Type page" should be
shown, but it doesn't, it goes directly to the "Exchange
2000 Administrator Account page". What is happening ? Does
anybody know?


1. can`t install exchange 2000 due to the install looking for exchange 5.5

I guys,
          I am having problems installing exchange 2000 on a refresh build
on windows 2000
The install seems to be picking up the old exchange 5.5 install in AD i
The 5.5 install has been removed from all servers but  the exchange 2000
install log reads:

[14:24:29] We are not showing the Legacy AG page
[14:24:29] Getting Legacy AG from existing AG (ASHVILLE)
[14:24:30] Setting Legacy AG from existing AG to ASHVILLE
[14:24:30] Found single Routing Group in the chosen Admin Group - using
[14:24:30] We have detected an existing Org, we will attempt to discover if
this AG is mixed.
[14:24:30] About to attempt to discover if this AG is mixed.
[14:24:30] Entering ScRandomlyFindA55ServerNameInAG
[14:24:30] Leaving ScRandomlyFindA55ServerNameInAG
[14:24:30] This server is being installed into a Pure 55 site -  Show the
[14:24:30] We have detected that we should show the 55 Server Name Page UI
[14:30:21]  CComBOIFacesFactory::QueryInterface
           Error code 0X80004002 (16386): No interface.

If any can help me remove refers to the old exchange 5.5 install i would be
Hope to hear from you you and you soon...

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