Big Atachments get stuck in delevery

Big Atachments get stuck in delevery

Post by Nige » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 16:37:59

Dear reader,

I have got an exchange server (2k) installed on win2k.
When it receives atachments bigger then about 3~4Mb  they get stuck while
I see the delivery coming in, but it stops after about 10~15s.
Atachments that are a bit smaller don't get stuck, but sometimes take longer
then this 10~15s.

I heard about some bug that should be resolved since SP1 in exchange, but I
still have it while installed all sp's available.

Maybe someone knows this problem and can help.
When using wider bandwidth this issue does not happen, I have 1 mbit



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    We are running Exchange 5.5 SP3 on Winnt 4.0 SP6a.  I have notice that
the store.exe is getting bigger in memory every day.  Store.exe now consumes
60 meg of RAM????  while usally it takes aroung 20 meg of RAM.  If I reboot
the server, it goes back to is normal behavior...around 20 meg.  Both grows

Nothing in the event viewer.

We are running Exchnage on a P3 600 with 128 meg of RAM and we have 7

Why suddently without any change made to the server, does the store.exe eats
more memory?



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