Exchange 5.5 SP2 English ver to support Japanese Characters

Exchange 5.5 SP2 English ver to support Japanese Characters

Post by mdauphine » Sat, 18 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I have 2 areas of questions to address for supporting japanese characters
such as Kanji.

The 1st is on the NT 4.0 server itself, which configuration parameters would
both support english and japanese character translations. Are the japanese
code pages required to be installed on the server in order for the header
information such as the subject field to correctly display the subject
rather than displaying ????????? in the field.The IMC does not seem to
translate this correctly.
The japanese DBCS seems to be the cause of this, is this where the code
pages would help out on the server.

The 2nd is on the client side using English NT 4.0 workstation SP4 using
outlook 97 did not have full support to display japanese characters 100% so
we have been using a 3rd party software package called Kanji Kit to be able
to display and create japanese characters inside the emails and other
applications. Moving to outlook 98 allowed us to only view japanese
characters without using kanji kit. The IME option on NT workstation does
not support all applications. Again were moving to outlook 2000 to try and
eliminate only a few more issues in the translations.

Does anyone currently have an english exchange 5.5 server supporting the
japanese language with any ideas or other resources to look into. Prior to
the installation\setup of exchange 5.5 we were using a pop3 server with
netscape that had no problems in the translations. Would it be better to add
the pop3 support on exchange.


1. template.csv for Japanese Language support for English Exchange

I need the template.csv and other related files to add Japanese Language
support to my American English Exchange 5.5 Enterprise server.  I have
looked every where.  I am told it ships on the Japanese Outlook 97 that
ships with Japanese Exchange 5.5.  Anyone who can send me these files, it
would be very much appreciated.

Roy Richardson

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