IMC and MS-Mail Connectors joined to send/receive to Internet

IMC and MS-Mail Connectors joined to send/receive to Internet

Post by Javier Adrian Garcia Manteco » Tue, 25 Feb 1997 04:00:00

My users travel arround the world and they make long distance call to get
their ms-mail.
The MS-Mail Server is connected to other servers in other contries via
Frame-Relay. I have a Unix server where a get Internet mail (POP3). How do
I joing the POP3 and my MS-Mail to allow them get their mail making a local
call to an ISP and receive both mails ?
Ms-Mail servers at other contries in my organization, they dont have SMTP
connectors, so how can I route messages to those ms-mail servers if I
receive mail via POP3 and the receipient belongs to a different ms-mail out
of my location.

I have a NT 4.0 & Exchange 4.0 Enterprise Edition. How should I set up them


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