Last, First..First Last..Both?

Last, First..First Last..Both?

Post by Dave Hickma » Sat, 12 Aug 2000 04:00:00

Hey y'all
 Our MIS manager wants the address book to show Lastname, First. Our
users want Firstname, Last. Isn't there a way to give everyone a
choice? I played with an Address Book View but changing the name order
in it changed the order in GAL. Am I doing something wrong or is there
no way to do this?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

1. GAL and last, first / first-last

Using Exchange Server 5.0 and Outlook 97 clients:

I wish to allow my users to select addresses from the Global Address List in
last name, first order.  

My understanding is that this means changing all of the display names to that
order.  Okay, that's fine.

But now everyone still wants the e-mail that is sent to appear to be going to
(or received from) someone in First name Last order.  

There doesn't appear to be a way to obtain both.  

Is there something I am missing?  How can I accomplish this for my users?



Todd A. Scalzott
Network Manager, Kastle Systems, LLC.

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