SMTP connection to ISP

SMTP connection to ISP

Post by Dennis Anderso » Mon, 28 Oct 2002 03:57:30

Having a little problem getting connected to our ISP,
mail host. Our ISP is supposed to have pointed all email
to our server. We may have asked for the wrong IP address.

We have 5 IP addresses available, 1 is assigned to our
ISA server x.x.x.219 our gateway is x.x.x.217. We asked
that the email be assigned x.x.x.218. Should it have been
x.x.x.219? We then had our mail connector use the "smart
IP" of x.x.x.218. Go joy in this.

We are able to access the internet OK thru the ISA Server
and ping all but the x.x.x.218(Exchange server and ISA
server). Is it possible they did not set that connection

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Hi all

I have an Exchange 2K server which has been working
perfectly for a couple of months. All of a sudden I
cannot receive any external mail. My ISP tells me that my
server connects to the static mailgate IP address that
they have provided for my Domain name but then it
disconnects again straight away. Nothing has changed from
what I can see in the configuration and I don't appear to
be getting any Event log messages to help me troubleshoot
the problem. Does anyone have any ideas why this would

I can send external mail without any problems.

My external Internet domain name is different to my
Internal domain name, so I am using the SMTP connector to
deal with the mail, is this correct or is there another
way of doing it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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