w2k sp4 on exchange server

w2k sp4 on exchange server

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I would try a test enviornment first or at least another
DC first. Just make sure you back up the server(including
system state and entire exchange exchange directories
while off-line) before you start. It should be ok but
always better safe than sorry. I would also apply
Exchange SP just as a safty measure to refresh
binary\registry files.
Quote:>-----Original Message-----
>I am running excahnge 5.5 (sp4) on windows 2000 machine
>with sp3. I want to upgrade W2K to Sp4. is there any
>on exchange after applying sp4. what is the best
>to install sp4 on exchange server. Do we have to stop
>exchange services before applying W2K sp4 and do we have
>to apply EXchange SP4 after applying W2K sp4.
> need guidance.


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