Exchange setup hangs at site replication service (SRS) installation

Exchange setup hangs at site replication service (SRS) installation

Post by Igor Kukli » Wed, 06 Dec 2000 04:00:00

I have old NT 4.0 SP 6 domain controller running MS Exchange 5.5 SP3 and a
new W2K Advanced Server SP1 computer. I was planning to transfer domain
controller and exchange server to a new machine. The idea was to have two
domains and two mail servers running simultaneously for some time until I
will be sure that new server is working OK and I can decommission old server
without any work interruption.

I have created new forest and domain, set up ADC, imported all exchange
user&groups information from old machine, then run ForestPrep & DomainPrep
and asked setup to joing Existing Exchange 5.5 organization. When progress
was on "Installing Site Replication Service and initializing", process stops
forever. After analyzing Exchange Server setup log, I guess that setup
successfully installed replication from old machine to new but was unable to
install replication from new machine to old: "recoverable error was found,
will wait n+1 seconds before retry". I am using account with administrative
privileges on both machines. What did I miss? I was following the
instructions described in SixSteps.doc from Microsoft Exchange Web Site.

I tried installation several times by removing exchange and active directory
from new machine but it always gives the same results.

Please help! I give up.


1. Setup Hangs on Installing Site Replication Service

Hi all, when i try to add my First Exchange 2000 Server to into my Existing
5.5 Site, the setup program seems to hang(just stops) when Installing the
Site Replication Service, even though, it does install this service ok, and
actually starts it.  note: the ADC is on a different computer than what
exchange 2000 is being installed on.  If anyone has had this problem/knows a
good resolution or has any ideas for it i would love to hear from you.
Note: I have throughly check DNS is setup aok.

Second problem is now that we have half an exchange 2000 installation, what
is the best way to remove it, and start it again, keeping in mind you just
cant reinstall, cause there is info in Active Directory with thats servers
name in it, and site info(which may not be complete if the installed failed,
I think so the Disastor Recovery Option wont be much use)

Details    - E2k Sever = W2k with SP1(member Server)
              - All other servers W2k Server Have SP1 on them, and the DC's
have the relelvent Hotfixes for Exchange 2000 to be         installed
              - Existing Server = Exchange 5.5 SP4, NT 4 Sp6

Thats all i can think of at the moment

thanx heaps


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