Exchange and Satellite

Exchange and Satellite

Post by Pasca » Sat, 12 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Is anyone here using Microsoft Exchange through a satellite network. I need
to setup exchange clients with satellite modems and was wondering if anyone
could share his experience in such configuration (modems, drivers,


1. Exchange Server to Satellite to Exchange Server

I have an office on land with Exchange Server and 15 ships at sea with
Exchange Server.  Now I use a gaggle of middle ware which does not allow the
servers to really communicate.  The data is sucked up via MAPI then it is
wrapped all together (zipped) then every hour moved to a superhub and sits.
A Ships then calls in via satellite to the superhub and sucks the file down,
then unwraps it and moves it into the profiles on Exchange server via MAPI.
The systems works in reverse also.  This system is used due to legacy
reasons and satellite costs...anyone have any ideas for a real Exchange to
Exchange transmission without middle ware that has lots of points of failure


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