SMTP is not authenticating my Remote Outlook Client for Relay?

SMTP is not authenticating my Remote Outlook Client for Relay?

Post by Geffrey Brau » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 02:40:05

Regarding SMTP relaying with Exchange Server 2003, for a
remote Outlook Client POP3/SMTP:

It does not appear that I am authenticating for SMTP:

In the Relay tab on the SMTP Virtual Server Properties, I
have Allow "only the list below" checked, with the ip
that the dialup provider assigned in the list-I can relay-
without it I can not. I also have the "Allow all
computers which successfully authenticate to relay,
regardless of the list above". That setting I was
assuming would let anyone relay who authenticates their
userid and password from the Active Directory, which
apparently is not happening since I can not relay without
having my ip address in the list above. Is there a
specific syntax I should use in the SMTP client for


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 I have set up routing restrictions on my smtp server (Exchange 5.5) and on
the routing tab of my IMS properties, I went to routing restrictions and
selected "Hosts and client that successfully authenticate" and restarted my
IMS. Now, on the client I selected "My server requires authentication" and
to use the same settings as my incoming mail server. When you click send and
receive to send an e-mail outside of my domain it errors out with "relay
prohibited". The problem is it never authenticates with the server. What is
wrong? any help would be appreciated

Rick Patterson

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