No Transport Provider when receive email via Exchange Client and reply via Internet Mail Client

No Transport Provider when receive email via Exchange Client and reply via Internet Mail Client

Post by KL Wo » Tue, 22 May 2001 19:52:11

We are using MS Exchange 5.5, for laptop users, they got 2 outlook
profile. In the office, we set them up using MS Exchange Client with
message delivery to personal folder. When they access remotely
(dialup), we set them up using Internet mail pointing to the same
personal folder.

The problem we encountered is:

When somebody within the office send message to laptop user, and the
laptop users read those message in the office (i.e. via Exchange
client), when they try to reply to this receieved message during
remote dialup, they got an error message saying 'No Transport Provider
for this receipent......'. If they reply the message by re-typing the
complete email address, it will send.

It seems to me the Exchange Client and Internet Mail client treat the
reply-to address differently. Exchange keep the 'user name' as reply
to and Internet mail keep the 'email address' as reply to. Are there
anyway to force Exchange 5.5 to keep the complete email address as
'reply to' especially when the 'deliver to' destination is a personal
folder that probably might used by Internet Mail client ??

Any help most appreciated. B.Rgds/KL


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