Setting up Custom Recipients

Setting up Custom Recipients

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NTS4/SP3 EX5 set up as a dirsync requester, about 10 users, IMS for a
MS Mail 3.2 PO set up as Dirsync Server, 150 users, with 2 externals
talking to 3 customers with over 4800 members in total GAL.  Created
External Recipients Container and 4900+ people imported ok - However-
they all have our SMTP and x.400 addresses as part of their e-mail
address information as well as the indirect MS address.

Question - what needs to be done to only have the MS address information
in there?  (short of manually deleting those properties)

Any help appreciated.

Steve Zerbe


1. Setting up custom recipient in Exchange

I am trying to setup two custom recipient's on our Exchange server, but am having
no luck. The first one is for a person with a POP3 account ( When I
setup this recipient through Exchange Admin (New custom recipient, other address,
email address and type) and then test it, it comes back to me as undeliverable.
The second person is on another SMTP system, and when I setup a custom recipient
for this person using Exchange Admin(New custom recipient, Internet address,
email address) and then test it, they never receive the email and I never receive
any info on it. I think it gets lost :).

If any one can HELP, I would greatly appreciate it.

Scott Allen

P.S. Thanks to those of you who responded to my previous post.

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