Routing Issue

Routing Issue

Post by Leif Pederse » Mon, 07 Jul 2003 02:05:26


If you delete the connector on the BA server and create one on the FE server
mails should flow thru the connector.

Is that your current setup??



1. routing issues

has anyone seen this before. I have two domains on my
exchande server. When someone replies to an email in my
default domain I get the email a day later or I never get
it at all. When someone replies to the second email domain
I get the email instanstaneoulsy. Both domains have two
different companies that are hosting the domain name. I am
trying to place the blame sqaurely on the ISP that host
the primary domain. Is there a way in exchange to proof
this. Perhaps message tracking? I need to find out why
messages are coming in so slow for that particular domain
and not the other. using exchange 5.5 with service pack 4

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