How to resolve DNs with INTRAnet sat behind INTERnet mail server

How to resolve DNs with INTRAnet sat behind INTERnet mail server

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We have an exchange 5.5 mail server on the intranet.  This will be connect
through a firewall to a mail host which inturn is connected to the internet.
How can the exchange server be configured to correctly route mail not
destined for one of the internal domains.  The current plan is to forward
all message to the mail host which will resolve domain names and reroute all
internal messages back to the intranet and the correct domain.

1. How to send mail to local Mail Server behind firewall with DNS and NAT

I have Exchange 5.5 and share a firewall with my partnering company who has
the own domain name and mail server.
When I attempt to send mail to their domain I receive a host unreachable.
The firewall doesn't allow us out and back in, it knows the address is
local.  We are using NAT and that is the problem.
Does anyone know how to tell ES to forward mail sent to to an ip

Thanks for any info.

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