Folder Permissions

Folder Permissions

Post by A. Monty Hal » Sat, 16 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Is there a way to give someone view access to a folder in Exchange, but
prevent them from exporting it?

1. Folder Permissions versus Attachment Permissions

We have a recurring problem in our Exchange Public Folders:

We have given users the rights to read and add emails to a particular Public
Folder, but not to delete or modify anything.

A user puts in a bunch of emails in said Public Folder, and they come back
later to find that they can not open the emails that have attachments.  It
appears that attachments may have different permissions than the folder /
email themselves.

Adding to the dilemma is that the problem appears to clear itself up over

Has anyone else run into this?  What solutions have you found?

Thank you.

Johnmichael Monteith
Parker Smith & Feek, Inc.

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