MSExchangeMTA error 9318

MSExchangeMTA error 9318

Post by Glenn Brow » Thu, 06 May 1999 04:00:00

Two weeks ago I switched Exchange to a new machine following all of
Microsoft's instructions and everything seems to be working fine with the
old server's services stopped.  However, on the new server I keep getting
this event log warning every 10 minutes exactly:

An RPC communications error occurred. Unable to bind over RPC. Locality
Table (LTAB) index: 145, NT/MTA error code: 1753. Comms error 1753, Bind
error 0,  Remote Server Name OLD_SERV [MAIN BASE 1 500 %10] (14)

I cannot find any references or directory replication on the new server
pointing to the old one.

Any clues?




1. Error Code 9318 MsExchangeMTA

I just install a new server With Win2k and Exchange 5.5
SP4, these is a seconde serve, in a same site(but the
first Exchange server is a differente domain), most of all
securite patch have been put in, even SRP1. we have this

An RPC communications error occurred. Unable to bind over
RPC. Locality Table (LTAB) index: 6, NT/MTA error code:
1722. Comms error 1722, Bind error 0, Remote Server Name
SERVER1 [MAIN BASE 1 500 %10] (14);en-
i tried removing some binding
Before :ncalrpc,ncacn_ip_tcp,ncacn_spx,ncacn_np,netbios,nca
After :ncacn_ip_tcp,netbios,ncacn_np,ncacn_vns_spp,ncacn_sp
Yesterday was not working(step 1ok , 2.not ok) and now
working both of them ok..!!;en-
i applied a WINS of a NT 4 server..oh ya this is my only
Win2k server in all my domaine domain;en-
Even this was look in ,but not a great resulte...

I tried in the best way in know..please help me ..i thank
you in advance

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