Specific ERROR 1276. What is it?

Specific ERROR 1276. What is it?

Post by David Richar » Tue, 12 Sep 2000 19:22:22

Small Business Server 4.0a.


To install current SBS setup from a Compaq server to an IBM Server
(different hardware).


Have installed SBS to Target PC with no problems (OFF Line as only 1 SBS per
lan). Have tested network links and modem etc. all satisfactory.


I want to transfer the EXchange Server information (all users and mailbox to
remain as from OLD pc) to Target pc and have followed the MS instructions

I keep getting a "error specific code 1276" and the Exchange Store service
does not start. Cannot find anything about this error on the MS

PS. Also I would like to upgrade to SBS4.5 but feel dubious until I have
sorted this phase out first.

Any suggestions of help  welcolme.



1. Information Store service specific error 1276

Hi all!

After completing procedure mentioned before (see below) at step 9 I get
following error:

The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service returned service specific
error 1276.

Could anyone help in this situation?


Sent: Monday, January 10, 2000 1:29 PM
Subject: Re: NT Crash x Exchange

1. Start your server and mke sure that all exchange services are running
2. Make sure you used the same domain and computer name for your new server
3. Stop all Exchange services
6. MOVE all files from the MDBDATA directory to a secure location
7. COPY your pub.edb and priv.edb from the old server into MDBDATA
8. Start MS Exchange System Attendant
9. Start MS Exchange Directory Service
8. from exchsrvr\bin run isinteg -patch and check the output for errors
9. Start the information store and see Exchange Administrator for your

10. It may be necessary to run the DS/IS consistency adjustment to see the
11. It may be necessary to assign the primary NT user account to each
12. Everything will be fine again. Restart the server



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