Post by Torben Hanse » Sat, 06 Oct 2001 05:24:08

I got two servers running w2k, one of them have exchange 2k installed, and
located on the intenal lan, the other is running MIIS.

I wold like to put OWA on the MIIS, and place it on a DMZ, is that possible,
and how (it could be done in exch 5.5)

Torben Hansen


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Our organisation have two exchanges sites;
- DMZ with one server (DMZ1) handling in- and outgoing mails for the
organisation. This DMZ1 is covered by a firewall.
- INSIDE with 5 servers on different locations in our LAN. SERVER1 have a
Siteconnector to DMZ1 through a "pipe" in the firewall and all in- and
outgoing mails goes through this SERVER1.

There are  now request for webmail. I think that the OWA-server belongs in
the DMZ-net. My question is; When I install a DMZ2-server with OWA in the
DMZ, can this access all mailboxes on all servers through ths existing
siteconnecter or must I set up links between DMZ2 and every server on the

Best regard


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