Post by Alexandre Man » Tue, 29 Oct 2002 21:17:38

Hello guys,

Well my problem is this i have exchange 5.5 in a NT 4
domain network that i want to migrate t o windows 2000.
1. is Exchange 5.5 will work fine?
2. What problems may i have and what i have to do.
Manty thanks.


1. Migration, migration, migration

We need to migrate to Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000 from NT 4.0 domain
Exchange 5.5.

The first phase is : NT 4.0 PDC upgrade ( lets talk phasewise)

My process is:

1. Bring up new box with backup domain controller and synchronize.
2. Pull off this to safe side
3. Insert the CD to PDC and upgrade.

Now there is a kinda issue with logon batch files, what are they ? What
exactly I need to do before proceeding ?

I know its very tough question,  but most of the guys have done already big
, big migratin, so if you can share some infos that will be fantastic.

Thanks for your time and effort

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