Moving ALL the data from E2k to a new E2k server

Moving ALL the data from E2k to a new E2k server

Post by Thomas Bj?lkenfal » Wed, 29 Aug 2001 21:23:41

Hi !
I am tired of my old server and have purchased a new one. I have done a
fresh install on the new server and the Exchange works fine.
But I cant take away my old server, if I do so the new servers Exchange
services doesnt start.

How do I move all the data and make myself undependent of the old one ?
Does anyone have a nice little doc describing this procedure for me ?
please mail me your comments aswell...

ps. I have allready moved all the mailboxes and the public folders. I dont
know how to move the Schedule +Free/busy folder though..

Thomas Bj?lkenfalk


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