Problems during upgrade from Exchange Server v4.0 SP4 to v5.0

Problems during upgrade from Exchange Server v4.0 SP4 to v5.0

Post by Michael Kristens » Tue, 30 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I'm trying to upgrade one of my two Exchange Servers to v5.0 (the
other one is already running v5.5), but during the installation it

It comes as far as the "updating the registry and starting services",
when Dr. Watson comes to visit with an access violation in setup.exe
(Application: services.dbg).

I've checked MS's Online Support and found something of the same sort
(, but
I've checked the permissions in the registry, on the keys they
surgest, and my service account have got FULL rights to all of them.

If anybody have got faintest clue on whats wrong, I would appreciate

Specifications on server (if needed): HP NetServer LH2, dual P166, 96
MB RAM, Windows NT v3.51 SP5, Exchange Server v4.0 SP4.

Thanks in advance,

Michael Kristensen

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The Exchange Servers are all at V5.0SP1 except for our two servers with the
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We will upgrade those two systems to V5.5SP2, followed by all the bridgehead
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Veerle Laroche

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