OWA over https setup help

OWA over https setup help

Post by Bobb » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 01:26:57

I am trying to set up OWA to be accessible over https port
443 and am having a problem.  When I type
https://owa.mycompany.net (inside or outside), I get the
Security Alert message and then "This page cannot be
Displayed" and "Cannot find server or DNS error."
However,  I can go to https://NetBIOSName/Exchange (from
inside), and I get the Security Alert message box. Then, I
see the Security Alert box that says the cert is from a
trusted CA, the date is valid, and a warning that the name
on the cert is invalid or does not match the name of the
site (which would be expected since I am using the NetBIOS
name of the machine instead of the DNS name
(owa.mycompany.net)). I click next to proceed and I get
authenticated and I am in my mailbox. Is this a firewall
issue or do I need to do anything to DNS on my server. I
have contacted BCentral and they have set up the
hostname and an A record pointing to our public IP and our
firewall is suppose to be set to send https traffic to the
inside IP of our Exchange server. I am new at this so any
suggestions will be appreciated.

OWA over https setup help

Post by Leif Pederse » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 06:05:32


It sounds as if there is a name resolution problem.

Has your ISP created an A record for the owa host (you need to do the same
on your intranet if you want to test it??