New HTTP Virtual Server- OWA

New HTTP Virtual Server- OWA

Post by Kal » Thu, 22 Nov 2001 09:11:16

Setting up a new HTTP Virtual Server provides OWA for either mailboxes or
Public folders, at the expense of one ip address. However, I want to
duplicate the functionality of the default web site, which has both public
folders and mailboxes.

Anyone know how to do this?

And better yet, anyone know how to incorporate the same functionality as is
in default into additional websites on the same server?



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HI !

I have some domains which I would like to use,, ....


I setup http virtual servers for the others domain using the \ for

My Exchange Server is also my webserver, and I am using host header.

If I try server1/exchange for domain2 I can use the OWA for a user from
domain2, without setting up host header.
If I configure host header I can't use OWA.

I use ISA to route to my internal Exchange Server and web server.

All my sites are reacheble from web.

I can validate my user from web throught OWA, it shows on the status bar the
destiny for the user mailbox, load the frame that separate the outllok bar
from the emails siae of OWA, but returns me DNS error on both pages.

The only strange thing that I noticed is that it shows, and not only
The port 8030 is for host header.

I really need to solve this problem, just passed more than one month and I
need help, please.

Any ideias?


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