IMC won't start: queue viewing interface?

IMC won't start: queue viewing interface?

Post by Mike Lofti » Fri, 13 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I keep getting an error when I start the connector: "queue viewing
interface cannot be registered".  What does this mean?  I can't find any
reference to a "queue viewing interface".


IMC won't start: queue viewing interface?

Post by Identity Withhel » Tue, 17 Dec 1996 04:00:00

The in-depth answer is that the IMC will attempt to bind to all protocols
installed. If a protocol is installed but not configured, or is operating
improperly, or is otherwise hosed, you'll get the error.
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Quote:> We had this problem and solved it with the help of PSS this weekend.

Below is my description of it:

> OK - we solved it with help from PSS.  FYI - This could be one of two
things on 3.51.

> 1) Mac Services are installed and hosed.  This was the case on our

customer's server.  The Mac services were erroring out on
Quote:> startup - even though the service was set to manual.  When we launched

the IMC it was not able to correctly register all it's
Quote:> objects becuse of the remnants left by the Mac stuff.

> 2) IPX/SPX is installed and hosed.  I suspect that this would behave the

same way.  On our server IPX/SPX was installed, but I made
Quote:> an educated guess that it was just the Mac services causing the problem.

> Solution: in our case we removed the Mac services since they were not

currently in use.  Restarted the server and were successful
Quote:> in starting the IMC.

> MS also suggested removing and re-adding the IPX/SPX protocol and

reconfiguring.  But we did not require this step.

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Quote:> > I encountered the same problem after my TCP/IP service had crashed and
> > only solution I could find was to re-install the whole IMC service from
> > CD-ROM. I think the problem can be resolved somehow by editing
> > but I do not know how to do that. By the way, did you get this problem
> > after some system crash or what ?


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