Exchange 2000 trying to remote delivery of local mail

Exchange 2000 trying to remote delivery of local mail

Post by Paul Fu, Jr., MD MP » Sun, 01 Jul 2001 10:02:23

Hope someone out there can help.

We are using a DMZ mail-relay host to relay all email inbound to an exchange
box sitting on an internal network and exchange keeps queueing mail for
delivery without actually delivering the email.

Using a firewall, ( maps to a Sun Ultra5
( running sendmail on a DMZ (SMTP traffic only permitted) which
(1) forwards email inbound to exchange server (
and (2) relays email outbound from that exchange server only.

Exchange users can send email between each other.
Exchange users can send email outbound to the Internet.
Exchange users are not receiving inbound email.

The active directory domain is
The mail server is

Under Administrative Groups -> Servers -> Exchange -> protocols -> SMTP >
Default SMTP Virtual Server -> Queues, it shows all the messages waiting.
The server queue reads: (local delivery)
... (remote delivery) (remote delivery) (another exchange box)

Why is noted to be remote delivery? This is the
machine hostname.




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I have a WIn2k SBS server whose internal DNS namespace is
the same as it's external DNS namespace. Whenever anyone
tries to send an email to a local user, the server tries
to send the message through the remote delivery smtp queue
and the message disappears - no message or NDR is sent to
the sender or recipient. How can I let Exchange know the
messages should be delivered locally (without renaming the
internal namespace).

Thank you,
Mark Haley

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