newsfeed setup on w2kas with e5.5sp3

newsfeed setup on w2kas with e5.5sp3

Post by Someone Somewher » Fri, 19 May 2000 04:00:00


I am trying to configure a news connector on my W2KAS cluster, running a
newly installed Exchange 5.5 SP3. The service gets installed and brought
online by the cluster service, however when I come to download or input a
list of active groups, the list imports or downloads successfully, but
clicking ok to close the window hangs the pc for a while and then returns
with a dialog "microsoft exchange server computer does not responsd .Ms
exchange directory ID no DS_E_COMMUNICATIONS_PROBLEM. Help!!



1. Newsfeed / Newsgroup setup in exchange server 5.5

Help Help Help, This is really starting to bug me.

I'm trying to set up exchange with newsfeeds / newsgroups from our ISP.

The connection to our ISP has been made, and a list of available newsgroups

When trying to create an active list of newsgroups, keep getting the same
error message of "Error occurred while trying to create public folder", i am
assuming this is where the active list is being saved to.

Can anybody Help


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