Exchange 2000 setup problem (setup /ForestPrep )

Exchange 2000 setup problem (setup /ForestPrep )

Post by u_b.. » Thu, 19 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Hi all,

Tried to do setup a test exchange 2000 server on a standard alone
2000 server with SP1 installed, There is only one 2000 domain
with Active Directory configured (SP1 installed).

Run setup /ForestPrep and it won't give me a screen like create new
organization, instead it gave me option of choose which component to
install, clicked MS exchange 2000 server Action button, and got the
following error:

The componet of ForestPrep cannot be assigned Action because

-setup is unable to access the Windows 2000 Active Directory
-failed to contact the Schema Master server for this Active Directory

Follow up Q 259427, still cannot solve the problem. any suggestion?



1. What is the purpose for setup exchange2k using commands setup /forestprep and setup /domainprep


ForestPrep, preps your forest and DomainPrep, preps your domain :-)

Heres a link that should help explain what they both do and why you need

Mark Fugatt
Pentech Office Solutions Inc and
Visit for practical information on Microsoft Exchange

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