RC1: Will Exchange 2003 appear before Octover/2003?

RC1: Will Exchange 2003 appear before Octover/2003?

Post by Gabriel Glusgol » Wed, 11 Jun 2003 05:22:59

Its is applicable for the spanish version too?

Thnaks in advance


1. Win 2003 Exchange 2003 RC1 with Office 2003 Beta 2


yesterday I performed a clean install of Windows 2003, with Exchange 2003 RC1 and Office 2003 Beta 2, just as is recommended on the exchange 2003 site. On the site there is also mentioned to obtain an office 2003 update:
  To install the Office 2003 Beta 2 Technical Refresh:

    1.. Install Office 2003 Beta 2.
    2.. Use the Microsoft Office Update detection tool to detect and install the Office System 2003 Beta 2 Technical Refresh.
When I use the detection tool no update is found, I also can not find the technical refresh as a downloadable file. But Outlook 2003 does not work.

Has someone experienced the same problem?
Does anyone know where to get the update?



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